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Quality Assurance
The basic definition for Quality Assurance is – the techniques and operations carried on to assure the quality of any goods or services in the IT industry. Quality Assurance is also a way of preventing errors and mistakes that can happen in the manufactured goods and products, thus avoiding problem while delivering successful solutions to the clients. It is often not possible for the business to carry on the quality assurance process, therefore Quality Assurance outsourcing is the most reliable way to improve the quality of product, minimize business risks and boost the current testing processes. It is often carried out with the help of Quality Assurance services team of the IT companies. Trignodev Softwares is one of the best software testing, quality assurance company in India that contributes in the making, running (coding) and decoding of the programs and detecting the quality issues as well.
Our highly qualified QA & Testing experts help the global businesses deliver to-quality IT systems and services faster, safer and in a more cost-effective way than ever. For over 6 years, Trignodev Softwares utilized an Integrated Quality Assurance practice to ensure the best quality of the deliverables. With continuous efforts, our team has managed to attain a perfect Quality Assurance strategy and methodology that blend perfectly into the development cycle without interfering with the boundary between development and QA processes.

Why Choose Trignodev Softwares for QA?

Well, the answer is quite simple. At Trignodev Softwares, we deliver a full spectrum of QA and Software Testing services right through the QA value chain, from the advisory services and software quality assurance services to the QA Consultation and running test centres in the managed service mode. We offer –
• Being a reputed software testing company in India, we provide an in-depth QA and testing that continuously overveils the functional errors ad discrepancies. It will ultimately reduce the cost of fixing bugs.
• We hold expertise in designing detailed and realistic test strategies. We also follow these strategies thoroughly to ensure efficiency, quality and value in the execution. Our sharp focus on details makes us stand apart from any other software Quality Assurance company in Noida.
• Our QA experts are having great experience in building effective cooperation between the development team and the client that allows us to achieve excellence in the initial version and fulfil high user acceptance.
• Additionally, a well-organised, full cycle QA and application testing makes us efficient to handle infrastructure analysis, designing a test plan, assessing the automation potential and defining and executing the critical test cases when required.

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I have worked with Trignodev Softwares for several projects now. They have exceeded my expectations every time. The lines of communication are always open. Everyone I’ve dealt with is a true seasoned professional who listens and takes our input and viewpoint and creates their magic. Five gold stars to everyone on their team. I highly recommend them for your next project. I have already pencilled them in for my next several projects

– Ken Kriegel (JackRussellApps LLC)

Working with Trignodev was a real pleasure. They showed a great ability to understand new concepts, to adapt quickly, to implement efficiently and to prove quick turn around times. I am looking forward to sending more work in the future.

– Marc Van Laer

Very good vendor. Responsible and understanding. Will use him again!

– Moazzam Ahmed (

Excellent group of talented individuals. Highly recommend them!

– Dr. Julio Guerra (College Plaza Pediatrics)

very timely and accurate product delivered. Looking forward to future work

– Kevin Costello

I came to these guys desperate — I had a “broken app” and they were the only ones brave enough to take a crack at fixing it. They ended up having to re-write the whole darned thing but they did a fantastic job! VERY reasonable as well!

– Michelle Gannon (Lingo’s Market)

Always a pleasure to work with these guys.

– Natalie Leslie (Allyant Solutions)

I have chosen Guatam to do my second project as he was excellent to work with in my first project. Response is excellent, and they are always there to help answer any questions or ideas you may have. I can highly recommend Trignodev Software.

– Natalie Leslie (Allyant Solutions)

Trignodev has been working with our group for over 1 year and has gone above and beyond our expectations. Very good communitation and great followup. The team is always available and performs outstanding work.

– Stan Van Meter (RAD LLC)

Five Gold Stars***** Highly rated, excellent communication, superior technical skills. I would use them again.

– Ken Kriegel (JackRussellApps LLC)

Dear Trignodev. Once again many thanks for your hard and professional work. Looking forward to the next project….!

– David Murray (Ooplah Ltd.)

I’m pleased to have appointed Trignodev Software to continue the unfinished work of another third party who had left my project in tatters. Trignodev, a young and reliable company, is full ideas and development strategies which is a bonus for us as this is our first project on web development for our business. As such i feel we have doubly appointment for the price of half. The guys at Trignodev excel in communication, which is essential for me working from the UK and have , in the main, come back in a timely fashion. I wish to continue the development of our site with them for the foreseeable future. F. Miah Director TN Ltd

– Faruk Miah (Torch News Limited)

We made it to the app store and are getting downloads! We are very excited to have this finished. It took longer than we at first anticipated, but the end result is a solid app that we are happy with. We have developed a good working relationship with the team at Trignodev and are beginning to talk about next projects together

– Kevin Webb (Uncle Henry’s)

I was very happy with this teams communication. While we did not hit our projected plan, it had much to do with our teams inability to understand the technology needed prior to developing a BlackBerry App. I will be using this team for future Development!

– Heather Villa (IAC Professionals)

Once I started working with this team, they quickly got to work. They value the business relationship more than making a quick dollar. They are flexible and willing to work with the client. They listen to ideas well and can communicate helpful feedback as well. I recommend this team for iOS apps.

– Brenda (Caption Application)